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Pregelatinized Starch Maize
Posted on: October 04, 2016
Expires on: October 03, 2017
Pregelatinized Starch Maize
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Pregelatinized maize starch is a cold water soluble starch and has a moderate solubility. It has such characteristics like soluble in cold water, strong water absorption and high viscosity.

VISCO Pregelatinized maize starch available in a range of slightly lower to high viscosity. It aids the development of viscosity during the manufacturing processes either without cooking or with processing at very low temperatures. It is intended for instant cold preparation applications.

Applications / Advantages:

1) Pregelatinized maize starch is used as a binder for briquettes in coal, foundry, Incense Stick and mosquito coil industry.

2) It is extensively used as fluid loss control additive in oil well drilling industries.

3) Pregelatinized maize starch is used as a wet end additive to the pulp in the paper industries.

4) It is used as additive in detergents, cosmetics Industries.

5) Pregelatinized maize starch is widely utilized in the fish feeding industry as binding agent or expanding agent.

6) Pregelatinized maize starch is used as a finishing and sizing agent in textile.

7) As being cold water soluble, it allows them to be easily digested by animal.

8) Our made pregelatinized maize starch is also used in the manufacture of feed for pets and as milk replacers for calf.

9) It is used as household stiffening starch for cotton clothes.

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