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Qingdao Haiwang Paper Co.,Ltd
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Since Sep 2007
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Member Since Sep 2007
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Company Description
About Qingdao Haiwang Paper Co.,Ltd
We are a paper manufacturer in Qingdao of China, which is 30Km from Qingdao Port. We produce various kinds of paper such as Kraft liner board, Kraft paper, manifold paper, colored crepe paper, colored gift wrapping tissue paper, core board, fruit wrapping paper, etc.
If you interested in our products, please contact us freely. We are looking forward to cooperation with you.
  • Kraftliner Board
  • Manifold Paper
  • Colored Gift Wrapping Tissue Paper
  • Fruit Wrapping Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Colored Crepe Paper
  • Core Board
Business Activities
Company Facts
  • Company Type:
  • Private Limited / LLC
  • Founded in:
  • 1958
  • Annual Sales:
  • Between 100 to 500 million US dollars
  • Employees:
  • 1001 - 3000
  • Certifications:
  • ISO 9000
  • Fiscal Year:
  • January through December
Company Markets
  • Exports to:
  • Algeria, Australia, Benin, Central African Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Egypt, El Salvador, Fiji Islands
  • Imports from:
  • American Samoa
Company Name: Qingdao Haiwang Paper Co.,Ltd
Address: No.342 Haiwang Rd, Jiaonan
City: Qingdao
State: Shandong
Zip Code: 266400
Country: China
Contact Person
Ada Yang
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Working Days
Monday to Saturday
Office Hours
8 AM to 5 PM
Current time in , China is 4:14 PM