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Dongfang Carton Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd
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APSTAR - Single Shaft Slotter
Posted on: July 29, 2008
Expires on: July 28, 2013
APSTAR - Single Shaft Slotter
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-An internal gear drive adjusts the heighnt of the carton box and prevents the lubricant oil from spilitting or leaking onto the paperboard.
-The slotting register and height of the carton box are digital controlled by the motor and PLC.
-The slotting boss moves along linear guides driven by lead screws so movement becomes more flexible and precise.
-The movement of the upper boss and lower boss are linked so the two knives stay aligned during movement,which is helpful to prolong their service life.
-The slotting boss is caliper is controlled by the motor and PLC.
-A protective device prevents the slotting knife from crashing when the height of the carton box is adjusted.
-A protective device (both electronically and mechanically) Prevents the slotting boss from crash ing into each other when the slotting boss starts transverse movement,
-The structure of the angle knives can cut3-layer or 5-layer paperboard without adjustment.
-Hand hole- punching dies can also be used.
-Paperboard is not broken easily after creasing by first pre-creasing the roll prior to the second creasing.
-The pre-creasing roll,creasing roll, and boss is transverse movement are digitally controlled by the motor and PLC.
-The caliper of the pre-creasing and creasing wheels are adjusted with a self-locking device.
-The caliper of the pre-creasing and creasing rolls is digitally controlled by the motor and PLC(optional).

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