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Posted on: October 21, 2008
Expires on: October 20, 2013
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The IPEC SKT Skimmers are simple, reliable and efficient gravity separators, capable of high rate removal of free floating fat, grease and oil and of settleable solids from industrial wastewaters. The skimmers have a simple mechanical construction, are free of drag chains and flights, and have low maintenance and low operating costs.


Pre-screened, industrial wastewater is fed by gravity or pump to the skimmer through the influent connection. The water can also be fed through a screen mounted on the top of the skimmer. The water passes into a central distribution chamber from which it flows radially into areas of less turbulence. Floatable fats, oils and greases accumulate on the surface of the skimmer and heavier solids settle to the bottom. Settled solids are pumped with an air diaphragm pump, back over the plant's screens, and the floatable fats, oils, grease, scum or floating solids are skimmed with a rotary skimmer and directed into a discharge chute and to another air diaphragm pump.


*304 stainless steel construction
*Top skimmer arm
*Air diaphragm pump for solids
*Air diaphragm pump for skimmings
*Solenoid valve
*Control panel

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