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Jinan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine
Posted on: December 23, 2011
Expires on: December 21, 2014

Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine

Filling Machine Product Description:

Our company products include:Oil filling machine,Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine,ect.

Machine name : Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine RGNF-60type
Uses: RGNF-60 for medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical industry, on the aluminum tubes for filling and sealing.
Principle Features
A, RGNF-60 for medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical industry, on the aluminum tubes for filling and sealing. Can be a variety of paste, paste, viscosity and other fluid materials into aluminum tubes in a smooth and accurate, and complete the fold Sealing and playing batch, production date.
B, machine structure is compact, automatic control, driving part of the fully closed. C, completed by the automatic control system for the tube, wash pipe, knowledge standard, filling, folding sealing tail, play yards, producers and the entire process.
D, is accomplished by a pneumatic supply tubes, wash pipe, action accurate and reliable.
E, the use of photoelectric sensors to complete auto-calibration.
F, adjust the disassembly easy. G, intelligent temperature control and cooling system that allows simple, easy to adjust.
H, with the number of memory and quantitative stopping devices.
I, auto-sealing tail machine in a unified robot through different access to two fold, three fold, saddle-shaped Flap Sealing a variety of ways.
J, materials used 316L stainless steel contact parts, cleaning, sanitation, pharmaceutical production in full compliance with the GMP requirements.
K, equipped with safety devices, door stop, no controls are not filling, overload protection.


Filling range: 5ml-250ml / branch (adjustable)
Filling Accuracy: = ± 1%
Production speed :2400-3600 / h
Tube diameter: F10-F50mm
Tube length: 210mm (maximum length)
Hopper Capacity: 40L
Power Supply: 380V/220V (optional)
Working pressure :0.4-0 .6 MPa
Matching motor: 1.1 kw
Dimensions: 1900 (L) × 850 (W) × 1900 (H) m
Machine Weight: about 850kg

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