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Looking for Paper Manufactures, Locally or Abroad?

Are you a paper distributor, wholesale buyer, importer or buying agent looking for paper manufacturers online?

You have arrived at the right place. PaperIndex' paper manufacturers' directory has a comprehensive list of mills from around the world.

Before you start contacting paper mills listed in our directory, here is useful information to consider when contacting paper manufacturing companies:

What to Look for in a Paper Manufacturer

Thanks to today's global marketplace and ease of Internet access, you can quickly determine if the paper mill (or mills) you select will truly meet your needs. Search the paper company's name in Google and add "reviews" your search query to check out other distributors' experiences in dealing with the same paper manufacturing companies that you are interested in.

Before you set up an account, ask yourself:

  • Are there any negative reviews online and if so, how many? Misunderstandings happen but several bad reviews over a short period of time is a red flag.
  • If applicable to your region, does the company have a positive BBB rating?
  • Did the company respond in a timely manner to your phone call or email inquiry? Are you happy with the customer service and / or sales team?
  • Did the company answer questions to your satisfaction?
  • Has the company been in business for some time (three years or more)?
  • Does the company appear to be well managed?
  • If applicable, is the company set up to handle international orders?
  • Is the company strategically located on major transport corridors for international shipping?

If you like the paper mill, it's time to set up an account.

Tips on Setting up Accounts with Paper Manufacturing Companies

Whether the paper making companies you select are local or overseas, an account is the best way to interact with them and build a long-term relationship. An account with paper makers makes future orders easier and can help you qualify for discounts if you buy a large volume.

If you are a new or growing distributor, having a dedicated account representative with a manufacturer is especially helpful. Your account rep will be on the lookout for deals on the paper grades you commonly buy, will help you fill large or rush orders and will keep you informed of changes that could impact your business (such as a change in ownership, product lines added or discontinued).

When setting up your account, be sure to discuss:

  • The grades of paper they produce (they may have unlisted access to more paper grades)
  • Terms for credit and methods of payment
  • Their shipping policy and fees
  • Volume discounts or bulk order rates
  • International tariffs and customs fees
  • Resolution strategies for lost, damaged or incorrect orders, if this ever happens

Why Now is the Best Time to Find Paper Manufactures Online

Thanks to the Internet, savvy paper distributors, wholesale paper buyers, importers or buying agents are no longer confined to narrow demographic markets. Even if you are a new or relatively small paper distributor, you have access to an incredibly large pool of paper manufacturing companies. The ability to connect with paper makers all over the world with just a few mouse clicks gives you the power to significantly grow your business; and since there are so many different grades of paper available for distribution, you'll always have a market somewhere in the world for what you have to offer. For example, demand for newsprint in North America is declining thanks to e-news, but it is growing at a steady rate in Asia. Alternately, the demand for packaging paper is skyrocketing on a global scale as more and more companies are selling their goods online.

A Clean, Renewable Resource

For regulatory or social reasons, most paper factories or plants are as concerned about the environment as you are. This means most harvest their raw materials in sustainable ways and unlike plastic, paper products are eco-friendly and will biodegrade over time.

If you have eco-concerns, ask your paper producer(s) if they supply products:

  • Made from post-consumer waste (recovered paper)
  • Made from alternative fibers such as wheat, rice straw or bagasse etc.
  • That are produced in low-emission paper factories
  • That are not bleached with chlorine

Use to Grow Your Company Today

Paper distributors save time and money by using their resources wisely, and what better online resource is there than PaperIndex marketplace? Created specifically for the paper industry and widely used across the world, our paper manufactures' directory is all you need to quickly and easily connect with paper producers worldwide.

Are you ready to take advantage of this resource for growing your paper distribution or wholesale business?

Here is how to connect with paper makers trading on PaperIndex:

Step 1: Click the Directory tab. This tab is always displayed at the top of every PaperIndex page.

Step 2: In the "Browse Directory" section, click the "Paper Manufacturers" link.

Step 3: Select the type of paper you need. This link gives you instant access to hundreds of paper mills that sell everything from packing paper to tissue paper, writing paper to newsprint, all conveniently broken down into subcategories. For example, by clicking "Printing & Writing Papers", you get access to "Bible Paper Manufacturers", "Copier Paper Manufactures", etc. and clicking "Packaging Papers" provides you access to paper makers such as "Kraft Paper Manufactures", etc.

Step 4: Select your subcategory. Now you see the list of paper manufacturing companies that meet your search criteria.

Step 5: Click on a company to learn about the manufacturer, paper grades they make, and important facts about the business (annual sales, company size, etc., if provided by paper mills). You'll also see their contact details, including a phone number, so you can quickly get in touch with them.

In the Contact Details section, there is an orange button that says "Inquire Now". This button gives you one-click email access to the paper company's sales department.

Don't waste another minute or another dollar searching fruitlessly for the paper manufacturers you need. has the most comprehensive list of paper manufacturing companies on the web, and the tools you need to quickly contact paper making companies around the world. Browse our paper manufacturers' directory today.

If you do not find a paper making company for the type of paper you are looking to buy, post your buying request to let paper mills review your sourcing requirements and contact you. Remember, PaperIndex services for buyers are absolutely free!

If you are a paper manufacture, join PaperIndex marketplace now, create your company profile and start showcasing the grades you produce on your paper mills' profile now and generate new sales inquiries from paper buyers in your country and from around the world.

Countries Represented by Paper Mills Listed in PaperIndex Directory:

Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom (UK), United States (USA), Vietnam

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