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Sahyadri Paper Corp. from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India 

Godhani Exports Ltd from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 

Zain Enterprises from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 

Gallops Trading Pvt Ltd from Wattala, Western Province, Sri Lanka 

A buyer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

posted their Maplitho Paper RFQ

A buyer from Sanaa, Yemen

posted their Facial Tissue Jumbo Rolls RFQ

A buyer from Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

posted their ONP and OINP RFQ

A buyer from Delhi, India

posted their OCC11 & SOP Scrap RFQ

A buyer from Palakkad, Kerala, India

posted their A4 Paper RFQ

A buyer from United Kingdom

sent an inquiry to Godhani Exports Ltd in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A buyer from Ukraine

sent an inquiry to mfiber AB in Gothenburg, Sweden

A buyer from Pakistan

sent an inquiry to Paperlink in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A buyer from Syria

sent an inquiry to Paperlink in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A buyer from Iran

sent an inquiry to Al Husein International in 6th of October City, Egypt