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Paper Albania from Tirana, Albania  

Yash Pakka Ltd. from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India 

Pooyarun Tajhiz Alborz Ltd. from Tehran, Iran  

Pinax Paper Mills Pvt Ltd from Kolkata, West Bengal, India 

A buyer from Alexandria, Egypt

posted their OCC 11 Waste Paper RFQ

A buyer from Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

posted their OCC 11, 12 Waste Paper RFQ

A buyer from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

posted their OCC 12 Waste Paper RFQ

A buyer from Cairo, Egypt

posted their OCC Waste Paper RFQ

A buyer from Nairobi, Kenya

posted their White Paper, Brown Paper, Gazette RFQ

A buyer from Saudi Arabia

sent an inquiry to ST Paper Resources Pte Ltd in Singapore

A buyer from New Zealand

sent an inquiry to Isoket International Pty Ltd in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A buyer from Egypt

sent an inquiry to Xerox in Lisbon, Portugal

A buyer from Canada

sent an inquiry to H.G. Hawa & Co. in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A buyer from Turkmenistan

sent an inquiry to Pooyarun Tajhiz Alborz Ltd. in Tehran, Iran