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SPECIFICATIONS Quality: Type Writing Paper, Writing paper Xerox, Copier paper Requirement of material as per following specification. Confirm to IS14940 Sr. No Characteristics Unit Test Method Specified Value 1 GSM IS 1060 75±5 75 2 Brightness (Minimum) % IS 1060 72 90 3 Tensile Index MD (Minimum) Nm/g IS 1060 25 45 4 Tensile Index CD (Minimum) Nm/g IS 1060 17 25 5 Tear Index (MD) (Minimum) Nm2/g IS 1060 3.5 4.5 6 Tear Index (CD) (Minimum) Nm2/g IS 1060 4 4.5 7 One minute Cobb Test (Average) (max) % IS 1060 25 25 8 Packaging Number of Sheets per Ream no IS 1060 500 500 9 Dimension of the Paper A4 mm IS 1060 (210 mm x 297mm) (210 mm x 297mm) Standard material: Material should be Visual inspected. sheets should be defect free colour sizes & Surface. No substandard material is allowed. Required test report with every consignments. Note : Conformity to Indian Standard IS 1848:Latest for Type Writing Paper Conforming to Indian Standard IS 14490

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2 Metric Ton(s)

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$1/Ream (Negotiable)



Time Frame for Purchase

Three months

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Jan 22, 2020


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