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Hello, We need papers as per the below specifications only, Please go through the detail RFI and send us first cut price quote. 1. A5 size 130 GSM Matte Art Paper - Qty :10000 sheets. 2. A4 size 100 GSM, High strength with reinforced punching (4 hole/pin) area & Whiteness. - Qty 2 lac sheets. 3. A4 size 130 GSM Matte Art paper - Qty 1.5 lac sheets. 4. A3 size 100 GSM, High strength & Whiteness - Qty 10000 sheets. 5. A4 & A3 SIZE TAB DIVIDER - Color - 50 Micron plastic sheet (for Multi colour Index printing and die punching) - 1500 each A4 and A3 size. 6. Rexin Folders of sizes 1”, 1.5", 2", 3" A4 SIZE REXIN FOLDER (4 Pin) & 1.5” A3 SIZE REXIN FOLDER (4 Pin). Specifications as mentioned below. Quote for 100 Nos. each. Specs: - A4 size folder 1.5 mm thick stiffened lightweight CAPA board covered with 0.25 mm thick colour rexin. - 1 mm foam inside with edge stitching. - 4 pin clip at inside face. - Transparent pouches at front and back side of front cover, inside of back cover and at side label. You may please mail the first cut quote by tomorrow.

Target Price

Not Mentioned

Estimated Order Quantity

400000 Sheet(s)

Requirement Type

Occasional Purchase

Destination / Port of Delivery

Bangalore, India

Time Frame for Purchase

Two months



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Jun 04, 2021


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