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Good day, Im writing to inquiry if you could supply the following products: 1. I would like to know if you produce kraft paper in colors, with the following specs: Width: 1375mm Weight: 125gsm Length: usual for rolls Caliber: 0.153 mm Use: book cover 2. We would like to see the possibility that you or one of your suppliers could manufacture colored printable non adhesive tapes, a saturated and release coated sheet only, in the following colors: White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Flourescent Yellow, Fluorescent Red, Flourescent Pink, Flourescent Green Paper Type: Flatback paper 85% Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft/15% Eucalyptus Pulp blend. Substitutes are acceptable Rolls will be 1.5 meters wide x 1 meter diameter on a 76mm paper core.Rolls will be 1.5 meters wide x 1 meter diameter on a 76mm paper core. Please let me know if you require further details or if the information prompts questions. Thank you very much in advance, Sahara

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10 Container (40')

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United States




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Dec 03, 2020


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Sahara De La Torre
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