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I am representative of the direct owner of a company based in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The company's main business is in export of consumer goods from Taiwan to China. To support its main business, the company starts to expand its business to medium paper industry. It has secured 5-years agreement with costumers in China with demands of corrugating medium/ fluting paper for 10000MT/Year, 875MT/Month. The paper specifications are as follows: GSM: 100 and 130 BF: any Type of materials: Semi-chemical/recycled Roll width: 950mm-1800mm Quantity: 875MT/Month (Regular order) Port of Shipment: Xiamen, China Therefore, we are looking for a long-term cooperation with manufacturers/suppliers that can provide a stable supply of good quality product in highly competitive price. We are ready to place our first order at anytime. Please kindly share your quotation. PS: I am currently based in Indonesia (previously stay and work in Taiwan). I am not a broker and do not request any commission from the supplier nor taking any price margin from the buyer. The owner of the company trusts me to find suppliers outside of Taiwan, who is my own friend during my stay in Taiwan. Your transaction will be direct to the company but all your correspondence regarding to our order and queries will be discussed with me. Thank you, Best regards Novan

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875 Metric Ton(s)

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Xiamen, China

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One week



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Apr 21, 2021


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