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My name is Lacey, and I am a purchasing manager. Our company director has asked me to inquire about a quote for your file folder product. We have been researching different suppliers and believe that your company and product match our specifications. We are looking to begin with an order of 4,800 total units (400 sets of 12 file folders). We would like to build a long-term relationship with you as a supplier; if this initial order meets our needs, we will plan on increasing our purchase volume to 20,000 units. I have attached a photo that is similar to the product we will be creating. Product Specifications Decorative File Folders 9.5 inches x 11.5 inches Do you manufacture custom file folders with these specifications? If so, could you answer the following questions? 1. What is the cost of express shipping a sample to the US to zip code 84097? 2. We are looking to create custom designs for the folders, can you accommodate customization of the product? 3. What types of packaging are available for this product? For example, could we do a protective box around the outside of the file folders? 4. How long does it take to manufacture once an order is placed? 5. Do you provide a DDP shipping option? 6. What is the product-per-unit cost, including shipping to the United States, ZIP code 75241? 7. What methods of payment do you accept for the full-order? We would be very grateful if you would contact us with answers to the above questions as well as any additional policies that we may need to know. We are hopeful that we can start a mutually beneficial relationship. Regards, Lacey Purchasing Manager

Target Price

Not Mentioned

Estimated Order Quantity

4800 Piece(s)

Requirement Type

Recurring Requirement

Destination / Port of Delivery

United States

Time Frame for Purchase

One month



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Resale to third parties

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Jul 28, 2020


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