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Hi My name is Mhd ghassan. I work with the paper industry sellers and manufacturer to source paper products for the food industry, packing, and carton producers. We are looking for the damaged paper from all europe from (Bulky/book paper, Selickon papre, Woodfree paper, Sulfite paper, Glasy-glasymat paper, Art paper, Ncr paper, News paper, Sticar-Plastick paper, and other printing paper. So, please if you can get any of those kindes or you have paper damaged rulls tell us more info about what of paper tips you want to sell and we will be more than happy to do business with you. And, if you don't, help us out with resending this mail or telling people that are intrested on that and it will help us very much. THE BIG OF OUR COMPANY The big of our company is that our Distributors can manage any type of shipment up to 10 tons per day so the number of stock lots is not a problem. We will be abel to take up to 200-500 tons/moth and even the small quantities 5/10/50 tons at the right prices. We are one of the biggest trading company and our manufacturer is in sirya middleast and we work from sweden europa. the way we do business is that we get more info about the shipments and we will go to the seller to talk about the details of the business and to see the paper samples and our company are looking at the long-term relationship with the people we work with. If you want to do business with us we need to know the following things 1. The name of the company and where they are located at 2. The kind of business it is 3. The paper info including the prices, the quantity that you have, a picture of the paper that you have 4. You'r name and a nummber to call you If you dot buy untill you have a client it is still okay, we will be okay with the picture that they have of the paper and information to help us to make a decision about the deal. phone (removed)

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10 Ton(s) Per Day

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Not Mentioned

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One-time Purchase


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Aug 02, 2018


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