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Dear Sir/Madam, my name is Igor, I am purchasing manager of (cpmpany name removed), trading and production companies. We work in polygraphic market of Belarus since 1995 and sales equipment and printing consumables. We are a part of the private group of companies which is one of the largest in Belarus, which also includes printing house (offset and flexo). It is the largest private printing house in Belarus and is engaged in the packaging and label print. For today we are official representatives of such large world manufacturers of account materials as Agfa Gevaert,Toyo, Huafeng, Chespa, Sioen Chemicals - EMB, M-real, IP, MM Karton, Ultrachem, etc., and also manufacturers of polygraphic equipment Koenig and Bauer, K2, Perfecta, BOBST. Also our constant customers are about 100 printing houses in Belarus, beginning from small private to the large state enterprises of polygraphic industry. And one more thing, we have an affiliated company in Austria to conduct purchases and payments for our own sales and production, so the process of payment and paperwork will be simple. Our own printing house consumes 400-500T of cardboard and about 100T of coated paper and label paper per month. Our production is interested in switching to a new GC2 coated board. At this moment customers of our production consume Alaska Plus GC2 from Poland. Starting volume is from 20 to growing 100+ tons per month, till average volume of GC2 board 200-300 tons monthly. Grammages are from 190 to 280. We would like to suggest you to consider possibility of long-term cooperation with our company and we would be glad to receive your offer for GC2 coated board, similar to product that we consume now, together with technical description. Thank you in advance for reply. Best regards, Igor

Target Price

$800/Metric Ton (Negotiable)

Estimated Order Quantity

100 Metric Ton(s)

Requirement Type

Recurring Requirement

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Destination / Port of Delivery


Time Frame for Purchase

Two months



Preferred Mode of Payment

L/C, T/T


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In-house consumption or usage

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Jul 24, 2019


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