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Kraft Liner, Fluting Medium Board

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Hi , This Miss, Miguel from (company name removed) México writes to you. We are Marketers of Folding Packaging in Cardboard and Corrugated Cardboard. We are about to start Manufacturing with a Company here in Mexico, large quantities of Boxes made in Corrugated and we find that there is a lot of Shortage on this side in America in the raw material. I am interested in knowing if you have those materials that my supplier requires to make my Boxes, if so I can put the money to buy those Rolls of Paper from them and deliver them to my Supplier for me to make my boxes I enclose a Chart with the Characteristics of the Rolls or Coils that we need to buy, we believe that it is a Let's say Common Paper, I would like to know if the name or nomenclature that we use in Mexico to place the Orders is similar or equal to yours and see If that image is useful to you to be able to Quote the Papers and, if applicable, see Delivery Times and Availability to be able to make the Purchase Liner Kraft K33 72.50” 450 Tons Medium 160E 72.50” 700 Tons Liner Kraft K42 72.50” 450 Tons Liner Kraft K33 70.75” 150 Tons Medium 160E 70.75” 280 Tons Liner Kraft K42 72.75” 450 Tons Finally, I tell you that the Payment Conditions can be offered as 50% in advance and 50% before Boarding, this with the idea that they reduce the Risk to 0% in the Operation with us, We do not know what their point of departure for the Material would be if they have it, but in Mexico we have options on the Pacific side such as Lázaro Cárdenas Port or Manzanillo Port and on the Atlantic side we have options such as Altamira Port or Veracruz Port Thank you very much Friend for answering us and I would like to know your Name and some Information about you Regards, Miguel

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$346/Metric Ton (Negotiable)

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2500 Metric Ton(s)

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One week



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Mar 05, 2021


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Miguel Caceres
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Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico  

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