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Dear Sir, We are an Italian company of importers and distributors of polypropylene bags and paper bag manufacturers. We need rolls of Kraft paper, for the production of two-sheet paper bags open-mouthed to contain the flours, Please send us the best offer offer (for M/T) for 1x 40 ' a test box Industrial rolls of Kraft paper, suitable, for food, of 70gr/m2: 1) Havana Colour-: Height 102 cm 2) White color-Height: 102cm 3) Havana Color-height: 92cm 4) White color-Height: 92cm 5) Havana Color-height: 112cm 6) White color-Height: 112cm Kraft paper, suitable for 80gr/m2, 1) White color-Height: 102cm 2) White color-Height: 92cm 3) White color-Height: 112cm 4) Havana Color-height: 112cm Best regards Cardinal

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Feb 18, 2019


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