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Good day. We are a manufacturer of temperature device sensor and we would like to receive an offer for the list below, with the best condition available. The new project will be located in Poland and in a second step, we will inform the location to delivery. So, could you send to us the best offer as possible and based on our specification, what is it possible to sale to us? We need this information in an urgently way, until Friday morning. Thanks you so much for your time and you are receiving a quotation request from Brazil because we will be the head of this project in Poland. Follow the requirements below: 1. Technical Requirements: The paper coil have to be dry, unbleached, have to be the capacity to be rolled and needs to be able to convert in another kind of tubes, in a different lengths; 2. Definition of this kind of paper: The Kraft paper is that one that are produced from special trimmings (that could have or not in their composition, maximum 20% of mechanical paste); 3. Special requirements: 3.1) Break or rupture resistance (Mullen test), Kgf/cm²: 6 minimum 3.2) Water absorption (Cobb test), g/m²: 30 to 250 3.3) Unrolling (degrees): 8 minimum 3.4) Moisture, %: max: 8 maximum Table list for quotation: Description Width (± 5mm) Thickness (mm) Reference grammage (the weight of paper expressed as grams per square metre) - (g/m²) ± 5%: Paper "Car" 1.340 0,70 ±0,04 440 Paper Hot metal SD 555 0,62 ±0,04 420 Paper Immersion 1.440 0,66 ±0,04 430 Paper IS-IV 1.550 0,53 ±0,03 440 Paper Tip Mini 455 0,66 ±0,04 320 Paper Tip MK V 1.120 0,70 ±0,04 430 Paper Tip MK VI/Unilock 690 0,66 ±0,04 430 Paper tip MK VI/Unilock F 954 0,52 ±0,03 310 Paper tip NS 360 0,70 +0,04/-0,03 440

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10000 Kilogram(s)

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Routine Requirement

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Oct 13, 2022


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