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My name is Kate and I am the Materials Developer here at (company name removed), we are a carry good company and I am looking to source a new moulded packaging company to work with. Our Information: Units: current approx. projections would be around 200,000-250,000 units/year Our product size: Min size (mm): 14X71X151 Max Size (mm): 24X151X311 Colour: We would require all moulds to be 1 customised colour See attached for example of rough design end use It would be great if you could help provide me with the below information asap: 1. MOQ: please advise if this is per pulp production run or per individual style 2. Please Provide Mould Set-up cost, we would be looking to set up approx. 20-25 separate moulds  3. Mould materials- please advise what materials you currently use for the mould itself?  4. We have some styles that we would be running much larger quantity and some with smaller quantity so I would like to better understand how to make the smaller unit styles more affordable?  5. Do you offer sample moulds as well as bulk moulds? if so what are the maximum unit run that a sampling mould can do?  6. Pulp Material: please advise  7. Colour- please advise the restrictions around colour? can we customise colours? Thanks in advance, Kate

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Not Mentioned

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250000 Piece(s)

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Multiple- Sydney, Manchester, California, Toronto, Amsterdam




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Oct 09, 2019

Kate Davies
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