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Greetings from Multi-Techdoes International Limited! We request supplier of grades of coated & uncoated pulp offset printing woodfree paper, about 400-500MT As you required, the paper types are as stated below Coated Paper 90gsm Gloss Artpaper --------20MT 115gsm Gloss Artpaper------20MT 115gsm Silk Artpaper--------20MT 130gsm Gloss Artpaper---10MT 130gsm Silk Artpaper-------10MT 150gsm Gloss Artpaper ---10MT 150gsm Silk Artpaper -----10MT 170gsm Gloss Artpaper—10MT 250gsm Gloss Artcard-----10MT 250gsm Silk Artcard--------10MT 300gsm Gloss Artcard----10MT 300gsm Silk Artcard------10MT 350gsm Gloss Artcard---10MT 350gsm Silk Artcard -----10MT Total: 170MT Uncoated Paper (Sheets) 80gsm Bond paper------25MT 70gsm Bond paper-----100MT 100gsm Bond paper---30MT 120gsm Bond paper---20MT Total: 175MT Uncoated (Reels) 60gsm------25MT 70gsm-----25MT 80gsm----20MT Total: 75MT

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Nov 13, 2018


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