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Offset, Fluting Paper, Test Liner, Triplex Board, A4 Paper

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Hello, would like to inform you that for the paper range we are on 1°) - white qualities offset gsm60 for pharmaceutical notices and also - flutting papers, - test liner for the production of corrugated single face. For this, thank you to make us a proposal regarding these materials and also to send us the datasheets of each product. 2°) Please offer us GT1 or Gt2 Triplex with white back Quality like Triplex Blonco Rdm or Belpack from MMcarton or something similar. Rolls of 102 and 100 and 75 and 68 and 61 and 58 cm. All in 300g We can work on 50t or 100t per month depending on the price and the delivery time. 3°) A4 white Copy paper gsm80 Regards, M.T.

Target Price

Not Mentioned

Estimated Order Quantity

40 Metric Ton(s)

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Routine Requirement

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Casablanca, Morocco




Posted on

May 25, 2021


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M.T. Med
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