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We have been running a printing press for last 50 years in Karachi. Moving one step further in our field, we are looking forward to establish a Paper mill. We will provide some details about our production requirement, kindly look into it and provide us with further complete technical details. Our requirements are as follows: -50 gms - 80 gms offset fine paper. -Decal / Cylinder size should be at least 90 inches. -Pulper will also be needed as we will use recycled paper. -Our daily production (minimum 30 - 40 tons.) I have few queries about this project. 1-How much area will your machine take(size of the plot) 2- How much gas pressure is required for this. 3- How much electricity will be required? 4- What will be the life of this machine? 5-How long will it take to complete this project? 6- Total Project cost? In addition, if you can add on any information regarding this. We are looking forward for your technical details and support. Kindly share quotation of complete equipment list with local fabrication machine. Regards, Syed Amir (C.E.O) Karachi.

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Oct 07, 2020


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