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Good Morning, Our Clients request Packaging from 1Kg Net, 3.5Kgs Net and 5kgs Net in addition of our traditional 10kgs and 24Kgs Net Plastic Box, as per the ``Medjol Dates Packaging`` The Medjool Packaging is ``One Master Cardbooard Box`` + One Top Inner Box and One Bottom Inner Box`` The Inner Box has marked lines where the Products can be lodged and presented with a Good Looking and the Bottom Inner is a recipient where the Products will be lodged in bulk.pleased to contact Here in Libya we have a standard 5Kgs Cardboard Box where we can lodge a Top and Inner Box and use the same packaging for the 3.5Kgs and 5kgs Net (the weight difference will be saved by the Top Bottom size capacity) Our Priority: We are to ask you if you can help us to find a solution for our needed ``Top and Bottom Box`` to respond at our Clients request. Optional Depending of your prices can you quote also to us the Master Cardboard Box? May be you will have a better idea about the sizes or quality material to make a complete offer for our Libyan`s Dates Packaging. We have a storage in Rungis France (International Market) where most probably we will packed our Libyan`s Date. Please send me your direct mail adress to forward our Technical data I remain at your disposal for any information. Best regards Jean louis Wittver

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Sep 19, 2018


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