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Please quote (price per tonne) for our customer on CIF basis for FCL shipments to Harare, Zimbabwe as final destination. Monthly procurement quantities are in Red. 1. Bond paper used for books, diaries, art books, everyday printer paper. 640mm x 915mm Sra1 80gsm uncoated woodfree bond 10 tonnes 610mm x 860mm Ra1 70gsm uncoated woodfree bond 15 tonnes 80gsm A4 Bond paper 30 tonnes 2. No carbon required paper used for invoice and receipt books 650mm x 920mm 50gsm NCR (no carbon required) CB (carbon back) White 5 tonnes 650mm x 920mm 50gsm NCR (no carbon required) CFB (carbon front and back) White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink 6 tonnes of each colour 3. Matt & gloss paper used for calendars, magazines, advertising posters and business cards 640mm x 915mm Sra1 115gsm Coated Gloss / Matt 15 tonnes 640mm x 915mm Sra1 128/130gsm Coated Gloss / Matt 8 tonnes 640mm x 915mm Sra1 148/150gsm Coated Gloss / Matt 3 tonnes 640mm x 915mm Sra1 250gsm Coated Gloss / Matt 3 tonnes 640mm x 915mm Sra1 300gsm Coated Gloss / Matt 3 tonnes 4. Label paper and self-adhesive paper used for labels on drink bottles paint tins and other general labels 700mm x 1000mm High Gloss self-adhesive (crack back/easy peel perforated back) Fasson 1 tonne 720mm x 1020mm 90gsm 1/s coated Label Paper (long grain) (1/s meaning single sided) 5 tonnes 5. Duplex board used for exercise book covers/ paper plates / cake boxes 660mm x 960mm 300gsm Duplex Board (grey back) 6 tonnes 660mm x 960mm 350gsm Duplex Board (grey back) 6 tonnes 660mm x 960mm 400gsm Duplex Board (grey back) 6 tonnes Customer’s import clearing agents are Freight World which details will be informed Look forward to receiving information regarding availability and pricing including delivery and payment terms and inform agent commission. Best regards Francisco

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Not Mentioned

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30 Metric Ton(s)

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Harare, Zimbabwe

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One month



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Jun 01, 2021


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