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We are a company engaged in importing plastic and paper scrape from all over the world, mostly we use to import regularly from USA and EUROPE Currently we need to import following. 1- BOPP bales and rolls unprinted (we need BOPP bales not coated) 2- PVC window without iron and rubber 3- Paper sheets and rolls one side printed and unprinted. 4- LDPE 99/1 5- Chips foil 6- SBS Rolls and sheet one side printed paper. 7 over issue news paper. 8- yeloow pages telephone books 9 sack karaft one side print small and big roll 10 plastic rolls one side printed one side silver 11 news rolls 42 to 48 gsm. print 12 news print rolls 42 to 48 gsm 13 tea bags paper 12 to16 gsm 14 BOPP one side printed roll 15 BOPP unprinted roll 16 PET plastic 12 microne 17 MEGIE PAPER 18 ICECREAM PAPER 19 BUTTER PAPER 2O OFFSET COLOUR PAPER ROLL 21 CIGRATTE PAPER SILVER AND GOLDEN we need orignal not spray 22 PRINTED paper and plastic mix roll 23 STOCKLOT A4 size 70 to 80 gsm . 24 ONE SIDE PRINTED SHEET 1000 to 1200 . If u have any above mention product available which are ready for shipment,please send me Current pictures and CNF price for Port Qasim.

Target Price

$100/Metric Ton (Negotiable)

Estimated Order Quantity

120 Metric Ton(s)

Requirement Type

Recurring Requirement

Requirement Frequency


Destination / Port of Delivery

Port Qasim, Pakistan

Time Frame for Purchase

One month



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Posted on

May 06, 2021


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Muhammad Azam
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Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan  

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