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Hello, I'm an online seller from South Korea and I sell variety of products globally. I'm looking for a scented or perfumed A4 paper. They are usually glittering and light patterned and perfumed, so it smells really good. I had them when I was in Thailand many years ago then I forgot about it. And then I came to think that maybe it could be used for special occasions such as wedding invitations, letters, descriptions and so on. So I started to searching for it but I couldn't find it anywhere on online but only could find a few in Philippine online store. Their product names are 'focus perfumed a4 paper' and 'skytone scented paper' but I'm not sure if you heard of them. So my question is do you know any manufacturer that makes similar products? If so I'd like to know if they already have complete product. if not I'd like to know if there are any manufacturers that can make perfumed a4 papers. Please let me know through my email and I’d very much appreciate it. Thank you. . Sincerely, Chris

Target Price

$0.005/Sheet (Negotiable)

Estimated Order Quantity

20000 Sheet(s)

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Recurring Requirement

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Destination / Port of Delivery

South Korea

Time Frame for Purchase

One month



Preferred Mode of Payment

L/C, D/A, D/P


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Resale to third parties

Posted on

Oct 16, 2020


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Chris Hwang
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