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Hi, My client is looking to place bulk monthly orders of SWL. Please send me a quotation and also indicate if you are able to directly export it directly to the below mentioned ports. Please see below requirements and specifications. Thailand 1. Port Lat Krabang (North) and Sahathai (South) 2. Tonnage: 2,300 tons/month Malaysia 1. Port Pasir Gudang 2. Tonnage: 1,800 tons/month Korea 1. Port Busan 2. Tonnage: 2000 tons/month 1) Material Name : Sorted White White Ledger 2) Material Description Consist of only black printed or unprinted sheets, shaving, guillotined books, quire waste and cuttings of white sulfite or sulphate fiber, ledger, bond, writing paper and all other paper which have a similar filler content. The followings are classified as outthrows ; Ivory color paper Groundwood Heavily printed paper(including color picture/photo printed paper) Colored ledger Wet strength Any kind of envelope India paper(Bible or Dictionary paper) Art paper Any kind of hogged or shredded paper(Shredding : Less than 20mm width) Other(unspecified) Total outthrows may not exceed ---------------------------------------------------------- 2% - 3% The followings are classified as prohibitive and will be cause for rejection. NCR, Carbon paper Roll stocks Clips, staples, Rubber band and other Non -paper materials Adhesive Bindings Others(unspecified) Total prohibitives may not exceed -------------------------------------------------------None 3) Packing Description Material should be baled. Material packed in small or gayload box are prohibited. Material packed in under high pressure with water and/or adhesive spray are prohibited. All bales should be tagged indicating vendor and and packing plant. Please reply at this email, Many thanks! Daniel Director (company name removed)

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Not Mentioned

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73200 Ton(s) Per Year

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Port Pasir Gudang , Port Busan, Port Lat Krabang and Port Sahathai


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Jan 17, 2019


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