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Hi, I am from Intelligence Service Partners, a trading company based in Singapore. I am writing to enquire if you can provide Test liner or Kraft liner papers for shopping bag making by our manufacturing facility in Vietnam with following requirements: * Brown/Natural kraft colour * 70-100% recycled * Substance: 100-120 GSM * Roll width or size: from 660-1300 cm including: 1/ for 100 GSM - size 890mm: in need 250-300 MT - size 660mm: in need 80-100 MT - size 1041-1050mm: in need 150-200 MT - size 1244-1250mm: in need 200-250 MT 2/ for 120 GSM - size: 1107-1100mm: in need 120-150 MTAd * Quantity: combination of all sizes can be few hundreds MT per Order/PO. * Additional requirements: + surface is smooth + appearance of the black/white/residual dots is not obvious seen + printable (as the bag will be printed with letters or logos) + BS is around 2.0 If you can supply the above mentioned papers, kindly advise on the following information with regards to the above inquiry: 1/ * BEST Unit price (CIF Hai Phong port, Vietnam) per MOQ * BEST Unit price (CIF Hai PHong port, Vietnam) for big Ordered volume * Minimum ordered quantity/ MOQ * Lead time * Your Mill/Factory's Decker size 2/ TDS 3/ Image or photos of the real paper 4/ Samples (few papers of A4 or bigger size) Thanks and await to hear from you. Best regards, Ngoc

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Not Mentioned

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500 Metric Ton(s)

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Hai Phong, Vietnam

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One month



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Mar 13, 2020


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