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Dear Sir/Madam Located in Bahir Dar Ethiopia, (company name removed), is a newly operational company with high capacity, engaged with printing newspaper, school books and other commercial print products as well as making Paper bags. Currently, we are looking for the best supplier for Wood free paper to print School Textbook with the following specifications: Application: For printing school textbooks and related documents on Cold set web offset printing press. The paper shall be white for maximum contrast and readability with very good opacity to prevent see-through pages. The paper should easily accept normal and process web offset ink Technical Specifications: Grammage: 80 g/m2 Thickness: 97 µm (Tolerance ± 2 µm) Color: White Brightness: >= 98 % (Tolerance ± 1 %) Opacity: >95% Moisture % : 5.5 (+/-0,5% Tolerance) Braking length: 4500 meter and above Tearing strength (CD): min 300 mN (>300 mN) Smoothness (S): >= 40 Dirt (pc/m²): 0.2-0.5 mm²≤ 50; 0.5-1.5mm²≤5; ≥1.5mm² = 0 Reel Width: 84 cm and 70 cm Core diameter: 7.6cm Reel weight: Min 450 kg Others: Smooth paper surface, Uniform density and excellent printability, Free from Dust, Paper shall be tightly wind at even tension The roll packing material & core protector must be strong enough to prevent damage easy to handle for loading, unloading Sample requirement: 100 sheets of paper 70 x100Cm

Estimated Order Quantity

750 Metric Ton(s)

Target Price

$700/Metric Ton (Negotiable)

Destination / Port of Delivery

Modjo Dry Port



Time Frame for Purchase

One week

Preferred Mode of Payment


Requirement Type

Recurring Requirement

Requirement Frequency

Biannual (Twice a Year)


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May 17, 2019


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