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Unbleached Agro Pulp (Bagasse Pulp)

Occasional Purchase    Posted 114 days ago    


Hi, We're from Salem, Tamilnadu. We'd like to get unbleached dry bagasse pulp for making our own tableware line. So, we'd like to recieve quotation, sample availability, gsm of the pulp, ash... 

Buyer's Location: Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

Bagasse Pulp

Recurring Requirement    Posted 131 days ago    


Need to have the price for both bleached and unbleached bagasse pulp board per metric ton to be used for a project of fabricating biodegradable tableware. Our requirement will be around 60-75 ton... 

Buyer's Location: Phoenix, Mauritius

Bamboo Pulp Rolls

Recurring Requirement    Posted 137 days ago    


Hi, I hope your are well during this COVID situation! Our company interest to find bamboo pulp rolls to make napkins from bamboo! Can you sent me dimensions and prices/tonnage for the rolls? I... 

Buyer's Location: New Michaniona, Greece

Bagasse Pulp

Recurring Requirement    Posted 172 days ago    


Hi, We need bagasse pulp for our tableware application so please provide your best quote. Regards, Nisarg 

Buyer's Location: Bilimora, Gujarat, India

Bagasse Pulp

Recurring Requirement    Posted 188 days ago    


Hi, We are starting bagasse tableware manufacturing plant so we need to baggass pulp. We Monthly require is to 200 ton of bagasse pulp. can you send 3 to 5 kg sample for trial. Regards, Nisarg 

Buyer's Location: Bilimora, Gujarat, India

Bagasse Pulp

Recurring Requirement    Posted 200 days ago    


Hi Teresa, We are looking to acquire 100Ton / Month of unbleached bagasse pulp for biodegradable tablewares. Can you please send over any spec sheets you have and the cost per Ton? Also do you... 

Buyer's Location: Newick, UK

Bagasse Pulp

Recurring Requirement    Posted 213 days ago    


Dear Sir, We would like to purchase Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp Rolls on regular intervals. Would like to purchase 300 tons per month. Request suppliers to furnish product details and Offers CNF... 

Buyer's Location: Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

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