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Waste Paper (ONP, OINP, OMG, OCC, Mixed Waste Paper, NDLKC)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 23 days ago    


Once Read Newspapers Old Newspapers + Unsold Newspapers (ONP) Grade 8 Over Issued Newspapers / Newsprints (OINP) Grade 9 Old Magazines (OMG) Old Corrugated Containers (OCC), ... 

Buyer's Location: Dubai, UAE

OCC Waste Paper, DSOCC, NDLKC, Mix Waste Paper

Recurring Requirement    Posted 42 days ago    


Dear sirs, Please let us know the availability & rates of 1. DSOCC 2. NDLKC 3. Mix Waste 4.OCC. Thanks & regards Regards, Ridhi 

Buyer's Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Steel Mill Kraft, NCC, NDLKC, OCC 11, 12

Recurring Requirement    Posted 49 days ago    


Dear All We are looking for an SMK, NCC, NDLKC & OCC 11 & 12 in Large volume for Indian Paper Mills, so let us have your detailed offer CIF Mundra Indian Port, QTy, and delivery. You can reach... 

Buyer's Location: Dubai , UAE

OCC, NDLKC Waste Paper

Recurring Requirement    Posted 50 days ago    


Hi, We need the waste paper OCC, NDLKC etc. Please send the best price as per C&F Chittagong. Our payment system is 100% L/C. Best regards, Regards, Enamul 

Buyer's Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Waste Paper (DSOCC, NDLKC, OCC, Mix Waste)

Routine Requirement    Posted 55 days ago    


Hello, I am looking for waste paper supplier/exporter from US only. My monthly requirement would be minimum 200 Tons. Please let us know the availability & rates of:- 1. DSOCC 2. NDLKC 3. Mix... 

Buyer's Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

OCC 11 Waste Paper, DLK

Recurring Requirement    Posted 57 days ago    


I need Old Corrugated Containers Grade 11 (OCC 11), and/or Double Lined Kraft (DLK) Free on Board.  

Buyer's Location: Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida, USA

Paper Waste NDLKC, DSOCC, OCC, Sack Kraft

Routine Requirement    Posted 74 days ago    


We are looking for the above mentioned paper waste. our priority for the same is in the order ,mentioned above. Kindly quote on CFR Mombasa basis for 5x40ft HQ containers. Our requirement is... 

Buyer's Location: Nairobi, Kenya

NDLKC, DSOCC Waste Paper

Recurring Requirement    Posted 85 days ago    


Hi, We have monthly requirement of waste paper for our Paper Mill in India: Type of Waste Qty (Ton/day) White Cutting And White Records 40 SOP,CBS Answer... 

Buyer's Location: Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India

Waste Paper (DSOCC, OCC 13)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 107 days ago    


We are looking for OCC 12 and OCC 13, 10,000 MT per month. FOB or CIF Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia price。 Pls send availability with cost and pictures. Thanks ! 

Buyer's Location: Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia

#13 DLK Double Lined Kraft A Grade

Recurring Requirement    Posted 112 days ago    


Hi, Good day to you. I am Chieh, a representative from (company name removed). We are looking for a reputable supplier that can supply us with the New Doubled Lined Kraft Cuttings (NDLK) # 13 on... 

Buyer's Location: Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia

DLK - Double Lined Kraft Corrugated Cuttings OCC #13

Recurring Requirement    Posted 121 days ago    


We are a manufacturer specialising in the processing and recycling of paper into pulp, located in Penang, Malaysia. Our estimated monthly purchasing quantity is about 5000MT. We are looking for a... 

Buyer's Location: Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia

OCC 11, 12, NDLKC

Routine Requirement    Posted 161 days ago    


I am Anushree from (company name removed), India writing to you regarding our requirement of Scrap paper. We are importer of scrap paper of about 100mt ton in India. Currently, we are in a... 

Buyer's Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Recurring Requirement    Posted 164 days ago    


I need this on continuous basis every month and want to sign contract to get from right supplier.  

Buyer's Location: Duluth, Georgia, USA

OCC, DSOCC, NDLKC, KCB, or Sack Kraft Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 165 days ago    


Good Afternoon. I would like a quote to purchase 1000 to 3000 MT of OCC and DSOCC , NDLKC, KCB, or Sack kraft.  

Buyer's Location: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA

OCC 11, 12, 13

Recurring Requirement    Posted 178 days ago    


Hello, I’m Koen from (company name removed), nice to meet you. I am currently looking for a long-term OCC supply. Our purchasing scope is OCC 11#, OCC 12#, and OCC 13#. Steady overall demand is... 

Buyer's Location: Lakeland, Florida, USA

US-Sourced Waste Paper (OCC, DSOCC, DLK)

Routine Requirement    Posted 183 days ago    


I’m writing on behalf of (company name removed), a recycled paper company in Lleida, Spain. We are in an expansion project and for this reason we are looking for new suppliers. I request quotation... 

Buyer's Location: Rosello, Lleida, Spain


Recurring Requirement    Posted 190 days ago    


Can you supply? When, Qty, History.. tks. Cic C. (company name removed) Malaysia, China ..................................  

Buyer's Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

DLK, OCC 11 Waste Paper, DSOCC, MWF, SOP, CBS, SBS, Pulp Sub

Routine Requirement    Posted 200 days ago    


Specifically looking to fiber our Mill contracts, one in Wisconsin the other in Tennessee. Paying strong premiums for consistent and volatile movement. 

Buyer's Location: Appleton, Wisconsin, USA


Recurring Requirement    Posted 223 days ago    


We require all kind of paper scrape here. Special kind of brown grade like OCC 11, 12 DSOCC, NDLKC and all. We also require all kind of OCC. 

Buyer's Location: Rajkot, Gujarat, India


Routine Requirement    Posted 256 days ago    


Hi , How are you ? I hope you are doing well. I am looking for supplier for NDLKC and found your contact from Paperindex. Required Quantity : 500 Mt urgent Please provide : Images, packing ,... 

Buyer's Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Waste Paper (Office Waste, Cuttings , NDLKC, OCC)

Routine Requirement    Posted 264 days ago    


Dear sir, We are looking for all kinds of waste paper / recycled paper as office waste paper, cutting newsprint, cutting whiteprint paper, ndlkc, occ etc. 

Buyer's Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

NDLKC (Grade #13)

Routine Requirement    Posted 266 days ago    


Hi , Im looking for the real pure NDLK, once we dont have a refiner. we cant have any print papers ou with PE. must be only paper board, cartons and kraft. The best price in dollar and CIF if... 

Buyer's Location: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

OCC Grade 11, OCC Grade 12, DSOCC, NDLKC

Routine Requirement    Posted 272 days ago    


My company Imperial-I is into manufacturing and supplying paper bags, cloth bags and cash register rolls. We are based in Bangalore, India and have three manufacturing units with a daily production... 

Buyer's Location: Bangalore Rural, Karnataka, India

NDLKC Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 274 days ago    


Hello sir , This is Fuzel from (company name removed) and I want to know the price of NDLKC WASTE PAPER with FOR Till Surat (kosamba). Rate Transportation charges and the quantity you can... 

Buyer's Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

DSOCC 12, NDLKC 13, OCC 11

Routine Requirement    Posted 274 days ago    


Dear Sir Having come to know from Paperindex regarding your activities in Waste Paper, we like to inform you that we are interested to import the following items: - DSOCC-12 - NDLKC-13 - OCC-11 ... 

Buyer's Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


Routine Requirement    Posted 275 days ago    


Hi, I am interested in buying NDLK and ONP for german paper mills. Do you ship/transport to Germany? Would be great to hear from you. Regards, Claudia 

Buyer's Location: Hassfurt, Bavaria, Germany

DLK, Kraft Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 283 days ago    


Hello, We are a german company specialized in higher waste paper grades and are interested in buying DLK, kraft bags, remaining rest reels from kraft cardboard production, white and brown kraft... 

Buyer's Location: Hassfurt, Bavaria, Germany

DLK, Waste Kraft Bags, Waste Kraft Grades

Recurring Requirement    Posted 290 days ago    


We are searching for all waste paper kraft grades, baled or in rolls. Kraft bags with or without PE, fruit trays, tobacco etc.  

Buyer's Location: Hassfurt, Bavaria, Germany


Routine Requirement    Posted 290 days ago    


We require all grades of waste paper of US origin. ONP, OINP, NDLKC, OCC, Magazines SWL. Please quote CNF Tuticorin. Thanks.. Rangarajan. 

Buyer's Location: Tampa, Florida, USA

DLK - Double Lined Kraft Corrugated Cuttings

Routine Requirement    Posted 290 days ago    


Dear DLK Suppliers, (company name removed) is accepting offers for DLK supply in Q1-2022 Hope you are interested and proceed to complete and reply quotation. Demand: DLK-A, 500 MT x 3 =... 

Buyer's Location: Saraburi, Thailand

OCC #11 & DSOCC #12, 13

Recurring Requirement    Posted 299 days ago    


Hi, Please share your product specification, Closeup pictures, video latest showing present date and time and my name. Best price for CIF Nhava sheva port Navi Mumbai India. Thanks and... 

Buyer's Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

OCC #11, 12, 13 Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 320 days ago    


Hi, If you can please provide the rates of OCC 11, 12 and 13 CIF export to Pakistan (Karachi), will appreciate. Regards, M. Usman 

Buyer's Location: Woodbridge, USA

DKL ( Double Kraft Liner), OCC (Old Corrugated Container)

Routine Requirement    Posted 336 days ago    


I am requesting an invoice from you considering these specifications: -1,000 Ton monthly -DKL ( Double Kraft Liner) : Cardboard box waste , clean product, frees of impurities (plastic, staples,... 

Buyer's Location: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Waste Paper (OCC 11 / 12, NDLKC, CBS, SOP)

Routine Requirement    Posted 345 days ago    


We will buy approx 10000 MT of imported waste paper. Grades we buy are: OCC 11 OCC 12 NDLKC Sack Kraft CBS SOP  

Buyer's Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

OCC (Old Corrugated Container) 11 & 12, DLK

Recurring Requirement    Posted 352 days ago    


Please 1,000 metric ton per month Delivery at Place (DAP) Laredo Texas 78045, Material specification 1. DKL ( Double Kraft Liner) : Cardboard box waste , clean product, free of impurities... 

Buyer's Location: Laredo, Texas, USA

DLK, OCC 11 Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 353 days ago    


Hi, I hope all is well. I was wondering if you had DLK and OCC 11 for sale. What would be your price and also what port would the material come from. Regards, Alex 

Buyer's Location: Miami, Florida, USA

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