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Paper Chemical for Burst Strength

Recurring Requirement    Posted 11 hours ago    Accepting Quotations


We are looking for a paper chemical manufacturer that has the best quality and internationally provider of Paper Chemicals. Our main requirement is increasing the paper burst factor of Kraft... view details

Buyer's Location: Isfahan, Iran

Paper Chemicals

Recurring Requirement    Posted 192 days ago    Accepting Quotations


Defoamer, AKD sizing for paper manufacturing, dry strength agent, wet strength resin. Internal sizing agents etc. view details

Buyer's Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Cationic AKD Sizing Agent

Recurring Requirement    Posted 275 days ago    Accepting Quotations


Dear Authoritative, We're looking to buy Cationic "AKD" chemical to work with (AGC (Asahi Guard) AG-E060 Oil Repellent" chemical for our soon to be produced "Sugar Cane Bagasse Pulp Moulded food... view details

Buyer's Location: Hurma Mh., Antalya, Turkey

Regions Represented by Sizing Agents / Sizes Buyers, Purchase Managers, Indentors and Wholesale Buying Agents at PaperIndex

South Asia, West Asia

Top Countries Represented by Sizing Agents / Sizes Wholesale Buyers, Indentors, Purchase Managers and Buying Agents at PaperIndex

Iran, Pakistan, Turkey

Top Cities Represented by Sizing Agents / Sizes Indentors, Purchase Managers, Wholesale Buyers, and Buying Agents at PaperIndex

Hurma Mh., Isfahan, Lahore

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