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Paper Towel Jumbo Rolls

Routine Requirement    Posted 13 hours ago    


Please quote me a container full of paper towels diameters: 1150 cm color : white layers: 38 gsm, 20 gsm width: 1200 mm material: 100% virgin cellulose pulp for paper towel 

Buyer's Location: Lima, Peru

Tissue Jumbo Rolls (Facial, Towel, Toilet)

Routine Requirement    Posted 7 days ago    


Roll diameter 100cm Roll width 108cm Core 7.3 Layer - 2 Basic weight - 14.5 gsm Color - white Material - Paper super soft prime 100% pulp virgin Packaging - Full body wrapping 2 layers  

Buyer's Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tissue Napkin, Towel Jumbo Rolls

Routine Requirement    Posted 24 days ago    


Hi, Please send me information about your products and a quotation with the FOB price. Best Regards Yulima 

Buyer's Location: Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela

Tissue Paper Jumbo Rolls (Bath, Facial, Napkin, Towel)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 26 days ago    


East Coast US Consumer Converter plants in New York and North Carolina. Seeking Bath, Facial, Napkin and Towel. FSC and non FSC  

Buyer's Location: Henderson, North Carolina, USA

Toilet, Kitchen, Facial Tissue Jumbo Rolls

Recurring Requirement    Posted 96 days ago    


Hi, We are interested in tissue paper jumbo rolls made of virgin wood pulp, white color, inner core 76 mm, FSC certificate. Cut sizes differ for each order. The monthly volume required is 20-60... 

Buyer's Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Tissue Jumbo Rolls (Facial, Towel, Toilet)

Urgent Requirement    Posted 130 days ago


We are (company name removed) sanitary paper, located in Jordan. Kindly to provide us with the best price in US dollars per MT ( Jumbo rolls) to Amman, Jordan for large quantities in the long... 

Buyer's Location: Amman, Jordan

Hand Tissue Rolls

Recurring Requirement    Posted 134 days ago    


I need tissue 28 g/m2 Around 610 ton to Kuwait port. For packing here in Kuwait with our factory. I will provide you in other details if you can deliver this quantity to Kuwait  

Buyer's Location: Al Farwaniyah, Kuwait

Toilet Paper, Towel Paper, Napkin Tissue Parent Rolls

Routine Requirement    Posted 144 days ago    


My father and his brothers are running a grocery store specialized in import items and also focus in commercial customers like restaurants, hotels, factories, … they also cut their Napkin, Toilet... 

Buyer's Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tissue Paper Jumbo Rolls (Towel, Napkins)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 150 days ago    

Dominican Rpb

Tissue 2 ply, 14 gsm width of 2570mm. Towel 1 ply, 33 gsm width of 2570mm Towel 1 ply 33 gsm width of 635mm. Napkin 1 ply, 19 gsm of 300 to 330 mm.  

Buyer's Location: Santiago De Los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican Rpb

Towel, Toilet Tissue Paper Jumbo Reels

Recurring Requirement    Posted 184 days ago    


Toilet paper jumbo rolls: **virgin 15gsm 2ply width 162cm / 132cm*2 **tissue recycled 15gsm 2ply 162cm / 132cm*2 Towel paper jumbo rolls: **Grey natural 27gsm 1ply width 140cm max dia... 

Buyer's Location: Yavne, Israel

Recycled Towel Tissue Jumbo Rolls

Routine Requirement    Posted 189 days ago    


Required product : recycle *Towel* grade tissue . Color: BLUE Quality: Recycle GSM: 16 gsm 2 ply Roll width: 460 mm Roll Dia: 1100 mm Inner Core Dia:  3" (76.2 mm) Number of cuts: 0 cuts, maximum... 

Buyer's Location: Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey

Woodfree Paper, Sack Kraft Paper, Tissue Paper Jumbo Rolls

Recurring Requirement    Posted 195 days ago    


Dear Sir, we are a paper converter manufacturer in Peru We mainly produce: Notebooks paper, white cardboard reams, sack kraft bags, tissue paper, towel paper and cases for sweet bread. So in order... 

Buyer's Location: Lima, Peru

Jumbo Facial, Toilet, Towel Base Tissue Rolls

Recurring Requirement    Posted 213 days ago    


Hello, If I could get a pricing per tonne of Prime, super. economy, economy tissues, 1 ply, 2 plies, or 3 plies. Jumbo rolls. Recycled or not. The estimated quantity is not clear yet, it will be... 

Buyer's Location: Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Jumbo Facial, Toilet, Towel Base Tissue Paper Rolls

Routine Requirement    Posted 231 days ago    

South Africa

Looking for good quality soft paper. Akin to twinsaver, both 2 and 1 ply paper. Material will be shipped to Zimbabwe.  

Buyer's Location: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Jumbo Roll Paper Cellulose

Recurring Requirement    Posted 254 days ago    


We need competitive values, for the Brazilian market, values to be quoted in FOB. After values per ton, we will analyze quality and production time. Paper HD FS 2450mm x 1000mm (jumbo roll... 

Buyer's Location: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Towel, Toilet Tissue Paper Jumbo Reels

Routine Requirement    Posted 317 days ago    


1 Ply Blue towel 19gsm - 2525mm / 2560mm reel width - 76mm core - 120 tonnes per month 2 Ply Blue towel 16.5gsm/17gsm - 2525 / 2560mm reel width - 76mm core - 300 tonnes per month 2 Ply Recycled... 

Buyer's Location: Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland, UK

Jumbo Facial, Toilet, Towel Base Tissue Paper Rolls

Urgent Requirement    Posted 331 days ago


Please how much is 14 tons of jumbo roll tissue paper cost?, and the cost of shipping to Tema Port Ghana. 

Buyer's Location: Dansoman, Ghana

Towel / Napkin Tissue Paper Jumbo Reels

Recurring Requirement    Posted 333 days ago    


We are looking for Tissue papers reels. we need different kinds for towel and napkins. Range from 17 gsm to 33 gsm. We have samples to provide along with specifications. Please let us know about... 

Buyer's Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Jumbo Facial, Toilet, Towel Base Tissue Paper Rolls

Routine Requirement    Posted 355 days ago    

Saudi Arabia

Dear Sir, We are Emirates factory Hygienic and paper products, located in KSA - Jeddah industrial zone, we are interested in tissue paper jumbo rolls virgin pulp 100% (roll width : 80 cm, basic... 

Buyer's Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Napkin, Towel, Toilet Tissue Rolls

Recurring Requirement    Posted 645 days ago    


Hi, I am looking for a supplier for Tissue rolls. My tissue specification is following: 1350mm toilet 3x15g 1350mm toilet 2x17g 980mm toilet 3x15g 1350mm towel 2x17g 980mm toilet 2x17g Napkin... 

Buyer's Location: Nis, Serbia

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