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Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 8 days ago    


Hi, I found your profile on paper index and I have been working in Pakistan on importing paper waste. I wanted to know some information about the containers that are being sent there and the... 

Buyer's Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Waste Paper (Any Grade)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 13 days ago    


Hello, We are an indenting agent from Tamil Nadu supplying waste papers to most of the mills here. Presently we are looking for suppliers who can supply all grades of waste papers to Tuticorin. We... 

Buyer's Location: Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India

Waste Paper (Cuttings, Cardboard, Newspaper, White Paper)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 29 days ago    


Am interested in waste paper for our manufacturing plant in egg tray manufacturing process. The plant requires about 70 tons of waste paper per month. 

Buyer's Location: East Legon Hills, Ghana

OCC Waste Paper Scrap, White Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 35 days ago    


We are buying waste paper scrap We need waste cartoons box scrap and waste paper and waste white papers scrap in Chennai Daily we need 100 tons. 

Buyer's Location: Chennai, India

Waste Paper (Kraft, Offset, Poster, Box Board)

Routine Requirement    Posted 41 days ago    


Dear Sir, We have been working for more than 20 years in the export to Pakistan concerning waste paper of different kinds: example - Beer Labelizer - Butter paper (aluminum paper, metallized) -... 

Buyer's Location: Brussels, Belgium

Paper Scrap

Routine Requirement    Posted 45 days ago    


1: Printed / Unprinted Kraft Board (KLB) Printed / Unprinted BoxBoard Printed / Unprinted Bleach Board (SBS) All these items must be between 250-350 GSM 2: Glossy Art Paper, Matte Paper, Wood free... 

Buyer's Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Waste Paper (Cuttings, Cardboard, Newspaper, White Paper)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 54 days ago    


Waste paper and cutting waste white and news paper regular business in india all paper waste and card board waste 

Buyer's Location: Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, India

Old Newspaper (ONP), White Waste Paper

Recurring Requirement    Posted 65 days ago    


We need old newspaper and waste white paper Good quality And the best price you can provide it We can pay all your quantity  

Buyer's Location: El Ayyat, Giza, Egypt

Waste Paper (Any Grade)

Routine Requirement    Posted 79 days ago    


For production of pencils also for trading. We supply papers to mills where they make some products out of this waste. We are looking for papers all over Tamilnadu. Once the material is okay. We... 

Buyer's Location: Eachanari, Tamil Nadu, India

Waste Paper Scrap

Recurring Requirement    Posted 80 days ago    


All type of waste paper scrap Hi, We looking for waste paper scrap , our company name vinkraft overseas based in jaipur , we work in gujrat paper mill for waste paper , we buy waste paper scrap... 

Buyer's Location: Morbi, Gujarat, India

Waste Paper White or Office Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 100 days ago    


Hi, how do you sell your waste paper, white and office paper? contact person: Esther. Regards, Ashinze 

Buyer's Location: Mowe, Ogun, Nigeria

Bulk White Waste Paper

Recurring Requirement    Posted 103 days ago    


1. White Printing or writing papers, shavings and off cuts white envelope cuttings, banks, bonds, suphate boards and bleached krafts, free from mechanical and thermochemical fibres, laminates and... 

Buyer's Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Waste Paper (Any Grade)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 105 days ago    


We are looking to export waste paper material to Asian countries. The requirement of the quality of the material such as gsm and color is flexible we will buy ank kind of waste paper. 

Buyer's Location: Sugar Land, Texas, USA

Waste Paper

Occasional Purchase    Posted 113 days ago    


Hi, I am working as a supplier for paper manufacturers, Kindly, send me the details and types of waste paper you have and quantities that your esteemed company can supply each month. Thanks and... 

Buyer's Location: Cairo, Egypt

Waste Paper (Any Grade)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 123 days ago    


Looking for bulk supply of paper waste to my factory in the Eastern region of Ghana. Any grade of paper waste would be acceptable. 

Buyer's Location: Accra, Ghana

OCC, Old Newspaper, Mixed Papers, Black & White Waste Papers

Recurring Requirement    Posted 132 days ago    


Hi, We are looking for the OCC, Old newspapers,Mixed Papers, Black & White wastepapers. Port of discharged : Port Kelang Malaysia. Qty : 25mts(Trial Order), regular order will be more. Looking... 

Buyer's Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Paper Waste (Yellow, White, Grey)

Routine Requirement    Posted 143 days ago    


I have a paper mill in India. We require paper scrap from the UK on regular basis. Kindly provide us some prices and samples. 

Buyer's Location: London, UK

White Waste Paper (Duplex Waste)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 146 days ago    


Requirement: HSN Code: 47072000 Category: DUPLEX Waste/Scrap Paper (White). Sub-Category: Paper or paperboard made mainly of uncoated, unprinted, ground wood free white papers and cuttings, as an... 

Buyer's Location: Isukapatlapangidi, Andhra Pradesh, India

Pure White Waste Paper, Tissue Waste Paper

Recurring Requirement    Posted 149 days ago    


We are a recycled toilet paper factory, we need to buy the following kinds of waste paper: Toilet paper waste, tissue waste disposal of tailstock large shaft paper, etc 

Buyer's Location: Tema, Ghana

White Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 163 days ago    


I am Aiman from Egypt I am looking for import cutting waste white paper wich coming from the rolls while making the A4 copy paper size Pld can you contact me  

Buyer's Location: Shibin El Kom, Monufia, Egypt

Paper Waste (Yellow, White, Grey)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 187 days ago    


Any GSM, any colour any BF, paper waste / cuttings / used boxes to be used in paper mills Dry as for as possible moisture free Samples to be seen first payment within 30 to 45 days  

Buyer's Location: Gurugram (Gurgaon), Haryana, India

All Kind of Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 191 days ago    


Dear sir, We are setting up a 400 TPD coated Duplex plant in Morbi, India For that we require imported waste recycle paper so kindly share your contact number for further details. My contact number... 

Buyer's Location: Morbi , Gujarat, India

White & Brown Waste Paper

Recurring Requirement    Posted 214 days ago    


We are looking for a supplier of White & Brown Waste Paper that can be reused in making Kraft Paper in India. If you have the waste paper that can be used in same purpose, please send us the rates... 

Buyer's Location: Vapi, Gujarat, India

Waste Paper, Cardboard. Kraft Paper, Tissue Paper

Recurring Requirement    Posted 223 days ago    


Our company buys paper products and trades overseas to China includes waste paper, cardboard, Kraft paper, and tissue paper, no requirements on the quality of the products but should have the permit... 

Buyer's Location: Zibo, Shandong, China

Waste Paper (Any Grade)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 233 days ago    


We are buyers from India. We are interested in a regular supply of waste paper ANY GRADE. Our requirement is around 5000 metrics tons material monthly  

Buyer's Location: Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India

Waste Paper (Any Grade)

Routine Requirement    Posted 255 days ago    


Payment by LC. this will be exported to Indonesia, must put in container not breakbulk. please describe the quality of the product. No contaminate with plastic. 

Buyer's Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Art Card Waste and Bleach Card Waste

Routine Requirement    Posted 257 days ago    


I am Waqas from Pakistan. I want to buy art card waste and bleach card waste. Quantity 25 tons.  

Buyer's Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Waste (White Paper, Gumming Paper, Thermal Label Paper)

Routine Requirement    Posted 258 days ago    


We need White Paper of 100 or 100+ GSM, one side White shade can also work. With this, we need Gumming Paper and Thermal Paper scrape as well in JUMBO ROLL form on a regular basis. Please contact us... 

Buyer's Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Duplex Paper Scrap

Routine Requirement    Posted 259 days ago    


Dear highly Respected Sir, we are business since 1989 for all types projects products and services worldwide. At the moment we are looking for Duplex paper cutting and Rail R50-R65 HMS 1/2 and... 

Buyer's Location: Dubai, UAE

Pulp, White Cuttings, Tissue Broke

Routine Requirement    Posted 264 days ago    


We are a company for the manufacture of recycle paper and cardboard, and we need pulp to manufacture kraft paper. I need this pulp describtion: Brightness: .85% moisture content:max8.0%... 

Buyer's Location: Sadat City, Monufia, Egypt

Waste Paper

Routine Requirement    Posted 271 days ago    


Any color any size of wastepaper will be accepted. We are willing to place bidding. We want to import as much as possible.  

Buyer's Location: Dong Da, Vietnam

Waste Paper (Any Grade)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 288 days ago    


We are looking to supply different papers on a monthly basis to Dubai Ports with a maximum limit of ten tons per month 

Buyer's Location: Dubai, UAE

White Paper Waste

Recurring Requirement    Posted 308 days ago    


Required white paper waste for recycling. Weekly 1 container required. Secure and guaranteed payment. Send quote with specs of the paper and competitive price.  

Buyer's Location: Dubai, UAE

White Waste Paper, Office Waste, Book Stock, ONP

Recurring Requirement    Posted 333 days ago    


Waste white / office / book / Onp Please send C& F Chittagong sea port, Bangladesh. Regards, Md. Rakibullah 

Buyer's Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Paper Waste (Yellow, White, Grey)

Routine Requirement    Posted 345 days ago    


Hi, I am looking to export paper waste. Please provide me quotation for different products available. Thanks  

Buyer's Location: Milton, Ontario, Canada

Waste Paper (SOP, ONP, Hard Mix, OINP)

Recurring Requirement    Posted 361 days ago    


One of our client is has bulk requirement of following material. Daily consumption is approx. 400 metric ton daily. We require scrap paper & scrap craft paper. Please provide quote for following... 

Buyer's Location: Milton, Ontario, Canada

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