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Are you a paper importer, wholesaler, trader or paper retailer searching for reliable paper distributors? If so, you have arrived at the right place! PaperIndex paper distributors' directory has a list of suppliers from around the world, but before you start contacting them, check out the useful information below and get the most out of your paper wholesale or retail business.

When buying paper from local or international sources, you will hear a lot of terms. Depending on your country, some of these terms will be used interchangeably.

In its most basic form, the paper supply chain (and its interchangeable terms) looks like this:

Paper Manufacturer - produces paper and sells to distributors (B2B). Also known as paper producer, papermaker, paper mill, paper manufacturing plant, or paper factory.

Paper Distributor - deals directly with paper manufacturers and sells to other paper suppliers (B2B) in the supply chain. While a distributor can sell directly to consumers (B2C), this is very rare. They may export paper to wholesalers in other countries. Also known as paper merchant in some regions.

Wholesaler - buys in large quantities from distributors (B2B) and sells to dealers, traders, and big retailers. However, some wholesalers, such as Costco or Sam's Club sell directly to consumers.

Trader or Trading Company or Dealer - buys from a wholesaler or distributor and sells to retailers (B2B).

Retailer - buys from a dealer, trading company or sometimes wholesaler and sells to end users (B2C). Also known as paper vendor in some regions.

Consumer - buys and uses the end product.

Another link the supply chain belongs to paper converters. These are large-volume buyers that purchase paper rolls directly from paper mills or distributors and convert the rolls into paper products, such as boxes, bags, envelopes, labels, etc.

To avoid confusion with the interchangeable terms, simply think of the role of each link in the supply chain and if they are working B2B or B2C. All of the above, except the consumer and paper converters, are loosely known as paper suppliers.

The Internet has opened up - and sped up - commerce, but as with any trade route, old or new, some rules apply.

Importing/exporting rules for both regions: Know what types of paper can cross borders without attracting heft duties and know if your country has any limitations on dealing with the country of your prospective paper suppliers.

Shipping: Does your distributor of choice have established shipping practices in place, or do you need to contact a shipping company to pick up and transport the product?

Countervailing and antidumping regulations: When a company exports products at a cheaper price than what they sell the same product for in their local market, it is called "dumping". Countries protect their economies against this with "anti-dumping duties". If the government in your county has imposed duties against paper imports from some countries, you may have to pay antidumping and/or countervailing duties if you decide to import paper from these countries.

Volume discounts or bulk order rates

International tariffs and customs fees

Resolution strategies for lost, damaged or incorrect orders, if this ever happens

If countervailing measures are in place, do you actually save money when you buy internationally? We will address that in the next section.

If you are solely motivated by a low price point, you can find cheap paper on the international market. Differences in fees and countervailing duties mean differences in price points - however, price should never be the only thing you look for in a paper distributor.

To build a mutually satisfactory long-term relationship with any business, you need to rely on their organization, customer service and industry knowledge. A poorly- run company will lose you money over the long term, even if their prices are the best.

Terms for credit and mode of payment: the distributorship should help you manage your cash flow by having reasonable payment terms and access to credit.

Shipping policy and fees: is the distributorship handling the shipping from their facility? How much do they charge for shipping? Is it more affordable for you to arrange your own shipping and if so, do you have the time and resources to do so?

Volume discounts or bulk order rates: you will need price point breaks for large orders or if your distributor territory is growing.

Resolution policy for lost, damaged goods or incorrect orders, if this ever becomes applicable: an established company will have a customer service-orientated plan for those unfortunate times when things go wrong.

The Internet is rife with cautionary tales on why you should not buy abroad, but should you be concerned? The truth is, there are good reasons to buy locally; but there are just as good of reasons to buy abroad.

For example, smaller paper suppliers may lose money buying from a paper exporter due to high shipping costs and fees. The distributorship may also have a personal conviction to spend their dollars in their own country and thus, directly support their local economy. There is nothing wrong with this.

Contrast this, however, with a large paper roll supplier that offers a high volume of their product to wholesalers over a country-wide territory. Sourcing only local manufacturers in this case would restrict the volume of what they could purchase and sell. Due to the nature of their product (large rolls for conversion) it makes practical and economic sense to deal internationally.

In the end, the choice of whether to engage in local or international trade should depend on what makes the best sense for your business. Simply do your due diligence to learn about the company you wish to deal with abroad, and confidently join the thousands of people that found success in the international market.

The majority of paper distributors worldwide are fine, upstanding companies, but, as with any industry, not all companies are honest or transparent in their dealings. Read safe trading tips so you know exactly what to look out for and what to do if you encounter cases of fraud.

Paper wholesalers, dealers, and trading companies interested in using online resources to grow their companies use PaperIndex.com's comprehensive paper distributor directory. Created specifically for the paper industry and widely used across the world, PaperIndex.com's directory puts you in direct contact with the local and global distributors you need while also supplying resources to help you make informed buying and selling decisions.

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Step 5: See the list of paper trading companies from around the world? Click on a company to learn about the company, what paper grades they supply, their business activities (trading, exporting) and important company facts (annual sales, company size, etc., if provided by the paper supplier). You'll also see their contact details, including a phone number and an orange button that says "Inquire Now". This button gives you one-click access to the paper trading company's sales department.

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