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1575mm Kraft Paper Machine


Model:#HS Brand :Henan Sedar Raw Material: Waste Paper, Raw Pulp,Inferior Cotton,Wood,Straw,Wheat Straw Hood ,Bamboo Products:Kraft Paper,Writing Paper,Printing Paper Output Weight:80-180g/m² Trim Width:1575mm Copper Mesh Width:1950mm Daily Capacity:15t/d Track Gauge:2400mm Transmission Mode:AC variable frequency and distribution of transmission The Main Section: Cylinder Section Cylinder Mould: A1500mmx1950mm Couch Roll:A450mmx1950mm Reverse Roll:A400mmx1950mm Press Section Marble Roll:A500mmx1950mm,Rubber Roll:A 450mmx1950mm,Rubber Shore Hardness 90±2 Dry Section Dryer :A2500x1950mm,Touch Roll:A500x1950mm Rubber Shore Hardness 90±2 Equipments High Consistency Hydrapulper,Pulp Pump,Thruster,Centrifugal Screen Cylinder,Thickener,Spral Conveyor,Pre-extracting Machine,Spherical Digester,Rewinding Machine,Calendar,Winding Machine,Axial-flow Ventilator,Vacuum Pump,


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