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3 Knife Trimmer TRIMMER has been specially designed for the trimming of both hard and soft cover books. Trimmer is available in Auto Fed versions. In trimming station, the product registered from the spine are precisely positioned and are pressed prior to being trimmed. Special Features ¤ Easy access into the machine from all sides. ¤ Heavy and compact construction for high-quality trimming. ¤ Optimized cutting force and pressing capacity. ¤ Size change without exchange of parts. ¤ Safe and simple knife exchange. The Trimming Process The cutting knives fall at a 20 degree angle for precise and clean cuts that leaves no rough edges. Pressure from a range of 150 kg to 2000 kg applied for perfect clamping. Paper trimming are blown away by compressed air. The Conveyor System The delivery belt deliver the finished booklets to the conveyor belt, keeping them in neat, aligned piles. Book-block feeder One or more book-block of up to 8 cm. in total height can be fed into the machine at one time by Auto Feeder. The delivery belt lifts up to carry away the finished job to the delivery belt.


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