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49-70 Series Micrometers


INTRODUCTION: TMI 49-70 and 49-72 Series Micrometers provide the precision necessary for the critical thickness measurement of numerous sheet materials. APPLICATIONS: Films, Foils, Tissue, Papers, Corrugated, Paperboard, Felt, Fiberboard, Carton board SPECIFICATIONS: * Range of measurement: Model 49-70: 0.0 to 1.270 x .003 mm; (0.0 to 0.050 x .0001 in.) * Range of measurement: Model 49-72: 0.0 to 12.70 x .03 mm; (0.0 to 0.5 x .001 in.) * Standard anvil diameter 16 mm (63 in.) * Load: 7.3 psi (50.4 kPa) FEATURES: * Digital display * Dual range (Imperial or Metric) * Motorized automatic cycling * 5-second test cycle * Special anvil diameters and dead weight loads available upon request * Calibrated gauge blocks are available to meet your needs


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