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Basis Weight Tester


INTRODUCTION: The Monitor/Basis WeightT is a fully automated instrument enabling an operator to enter any specimen size and report it in any trade size with any number of sheets in the ream. The unit has the capability to perform two different tests-grammage and basis weight-with a grams unit for calibration. APPLICATIONS: Paper, Paperboard, Tissue SPECIFICATIONS: * Two models-for samples 1-200 grams or 10-950 grams * Conforms to TAPPI T 410 FEATURES: * Digital display, storage and editing of up to 500 reading, selectable units (grammage or basis weight; RS-232 data output, settable limits, statistics (average, standard deviation, high/low results) and report printout (with optional printer) * For any size test specimen * Selectable trade sizes * Selectable ream count: 480, 500, 1000 * Gram units for calibration * Suitable for all grades of paper


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