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Box Compression Tester


INTRODUCTION The Box Compression Tester is a four column, heavy duty tester designed to determine the compressive forces to which a transport case is subjected-either in transit or stacked in a warehouse. Boxes can be tested to complete collapse or held automatically at a predetermined load for a given period to evaluate stacking loads. APPLICATIONS: Corrugated boxes SPECIFICATIONS: * Meets BS 1610:1985 Grade 0.5, DIN 51221 class 1 and ASTM E-4 * Auto loading range is 40 N to 30 kN and boxes up to 1m3 can be accommodated. * Speed control is digitally selected form 0.1 mm/min. to 55 mm/min. (or in other units) with an accuracy better than 1% of the indicated speed over the full load range * Cycling between preset loads or extension limits may be conducted. FEATURES: * Units of compression may be selected in N, kfg, and lbf * Four average loading cells * Load cell accuracy better than 0.5% of indicated value * Repeatability and reproductivity is insured by the use of four guide columns maintaining platen parallelism * RS232 serial data output


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