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INTRODUCTION: The Chip ClassT is designed as a trouble-free chip classification system. A minimum of moving parts and carefully selected components gives you the most reliable Chip Classification system on the market today. APPLICATIONS: Wood Chips SPECIFICATIONS: * Sample size: 4 liters * Test time: 10 minutes * Trays: Hartley/Hatton Series Trays: 45 mm Round hole, 10 mm Bar, 8 mm Bar, 7 mm Round hole, 3 mm Round hole * Optional trays available in most round hole sizes and bar screens * U.S. patent no. 4,848,607 FEATURES: * Rugged, lightweight, interchangeable trays allow you to quickly produce new test information by simply adding or substituting different trays * Large, easy-to-read labels report your test results accurately * Patented tray interlocks allow you to easily and accurately secure the entire stack of trays * Fast tray alignment guide allows you to set an entire stack of trays on the base with one quick, easy motion * Strong, compact base and Low-maintenance shaker platform * Convenient controls just push a button and the timer automatically stops the shaking motion upon completion of test cycle


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