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Compression Tester


INTRODUCTION: The Monitor/CompressionT tester is designed to provide highly accurate measurement of compressive strength for a variety of materials. Various fixtures are available to perform a number of tests including flat crush, ring crush, column stiffness and compression, top load, flexure, and others. It conforms to numerous industry standards. APPLICATIONS: Corrugated, Tubes and Cores, Bottles and Cans, Flexible Packaging, Plastic Products, Building Products FEATURES: * Digital display, storage and editing of up to 2500 readings, settable limits, statistics average, standard deviation, high/low results, and report printout with optional printer * floppy drive enables data transfer, storage, and software updates * Three test types: Peak load and deflection at failure, Peak force at set deflection, Stack test * Quick- one burron operation in user mode * Hardware lockout at test parameter settings * RS-232 and centronics port ORDERING INFORMATION: Catalog Number: 17-70 Catalog Number: 17-71


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Strip Compression Test

Our vertical tester for strip compression testing has considerable advantages over conventional horizontal devices.

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