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Crease and Board Stiffness Tester


INTRODUCTION: The relationship between board stiffness and crease recovery (spring back) is an important factor in the performance of cartons. Board stiffness is determined by bending a 50mm (2 in.) length of board through a 15° angle. Crease recovery is determined by holding a formed crease at 90° and measuring the recovery force after 15 seconds. The Crease and Board Stiffness Tester measures the bending resistance of the board and evaluates commercially formed creases. SPECIFICATIONS: * Meets BS 6965 FEATURES * Determines both board and crease stiffness in the range of 399 gf (3.91 N) * Digital display of measured force in grams * Durable construction * Easy-to-use * Sample cutter and calibration check weight included ORDERING INFORMATION: Catalog Number 79-09-00


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