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Down-Drawing High Speed Rewinder


The rewinder is designed to rewind the paper from the paper machine into rolls with desired width and tightness. The machine is available in types of 3-point driving and single point driving. For 3-point driving, two DC motors are used to drive the front lower roller and the rear lower roller respectively, so as to move paper at a low speed in positive direction. The speed difference between the two lower rollers varies automatically with the changes in the diameter of paper roll. The starting speed slope can be preset. Stop can be realized by electric control and brake device. Paper back moving action is driven by a separate DC motor. Therefore, paper can be moved in both directions at a low speed and the standstill tension can be established. The constant tension is automatically provided when rewinding. Stop can be realized by electric control and brake device. Through the process of 3-point rewinder, the paper can get improvement in tightness and quality.


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