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Dry Strength Agent


Dry Strength Agent in the entire PH range is completely ionization, can be directly adsorption onto pulp fibers, ionic bonds by cation and anion on the fiber formation and amide group and a large number of hydroxyl groups on the fiber form hydrogen bonding, so as to effectively improve the dry strength of paper. Can effectively improve the index of the physical strength of more than 10%. At the same time can improve the fines retention and sheet filter water. Product Name: Dry Strength Agent Other Names: Dry reinforcing agent, dry strength resin compositions, Cationic dry strength agents Model: AMZC-603 Appearance: colorless clear liquid Purity(%): 15±1% 20±1% PH value: 2-5 Viscosity (25°C): 1000-4000CPS 4000±2000CPS Ionic type: Cationic/Anionic


Min Order Qty. 1 Metric Ton
Avg. Lead Time 10 Days
FOB Price * US$750 / Metric Ton
Payment Options L/C, D/D, D/A, D/P, T/T
Payment Terms 50% in advance and balance on delicery
Place of Origin China
Shipping Port Qingdao


Product Condition New
Model No. or Name AMZC-603
Supply Capacity 1000 Metric Ton / Month
Packaging 1000 kg IBC drums
Sample Offered? Yes
Sample Terms Supplier sends free sample and buyer pays the shipping fee.
* Prices are subject to change. Please contact the supplier for the latest price.

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