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Fiber Classifier (Bauer Type)


INTRODUCTION: The Fiber Classifier segregates a fiber sample into groups of different lengths to allow the proportion of each group to be measured, by weight. Uniform operation is assured by a constant flow of water through the stainless steel inlet system. Chose from models with one to five units. APPLICATIONS: Pulp SPECIFICATIONS: * Water flow: 10 liters per minute FEATURES: * PVC tanks with high surface smoothness prevent loss of fiber due to tank adhesion * Each tank is driven by its own waterproof motor to provide consistent agitation speed * Choice of screen sizes: standard ASTM 30, 50, 100 and 200 * Automatic pneumatic clamping of each screen * Individual fiber collection pots assist in the collection of fiber fractions * Stainless steel water inlet system * Control cabinet and sturdy mounting frame


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