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Flush Diaphragm pressure transmitter


Description: There are two structural forms of YY43-A series Flush Diaphragm pressure transmitter.First one is strain gauge Flush Diaphragm pressure transmitter measurement terminal with special treatment sturdy flush diaphragm, measured medium hard particles do not damage the isolation flush diaphragm. Compact, corrosion-resistant, anti-vibration, anti-particle impact, a wide range of temperature compensation. Especially suitable for highly viscous or fluid pressure measurements microparticles. Another front-diffusion imported silicon diffused silicon core production, set-up and use of digital compensation technology, product performance and reliable, stable output, widely favored customers. Widely used in poly resin equipment, paper, paint, pharmaceutical and food processing industries, such as measuring chocolate, milk and other processing equipment in pressure. Applications Aspects of mechanical engineering applications, such as polyurethane equipment Medical applications such as pharmaceutical and other Food Machinery and beverage processing industry General industrial control field, such as paper, paint, etc. Feature 0 ¦ 5 to 0 ¦ 250bar ¦ 1600bar pressure measuring range; Special flush membrane design, diffused silicon diaphragm optional front or flat; Many industry-standard signal output options; Wiring for the connector or directly lead; May request for additional full-scale zero adjustment function; Various pressure port option; Technical Specifications Range: 0 ~ 1MPa ~ 160MPa (strain gauge) 0 ~ 0.1MPa ~ 25MPa (diffused silicon Front) Overall accuracy: 0.25% FS; 0.5% FS; 1% FS Output signal: 4-20mA (two-wire; 0-5V; 0-10V (three-wire) Supply voltage: 24 (12 ~ 36) VDC, Pressure connection: G1 / 4, G1 / 2, 1 / 2NPT, 1 / 4NPT, M12 * 1.5, etc. (can be customized) Electrical connection: Hirschmann connector (DIN; M12 four-pin connector, directly lead ,, aviation plug-ins (available on request)


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