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Glue Bond Integrity Tester


INTRODUCTION: The Glue Bond Integrity Tester is designed to accurately measure the glue bond's resistance to shearing forces after its exposure to warm water. The warm water exposure is limited but produces an environment which is detrimental to bond integrity. This property is one of the critical elements in full box compressive strength. It differs from a pin adhesion test, which is done in the Z-direction. APPLICATIONS: Corrugated board SPECIFICATIONS: * Maximum measured force: 30 N (7 lb) * Includes flute jig, 12 specimen holders, certified calibration weight, 24 character wide serial port printer and cable * Meets AS/NZ 1301 FEATURES: * Microprocessor controlled * Quick and accurate measure of glue bond resistance to water * Results reported in N/m or lb/ft * Automatically records and displays specimen number, last test results, mean and standard deviation * Printer included


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