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Hi-Density Cleaner (Motorised)


APPLICATION: Efficient removal of contaminants like sand, glass, chips, pins etc from pulp stock. WORKING PRINCIPLE: The tangential inlet accelerates the stock to downward centrifugal motion. Due to centrifugal rotation of the rotor, the impurities with high specific gravity are forced to the outer wall of cone and downward to collect in a trap. The cleaned stock is discharged from the cleaner through a central discharge pipe from the bottom side. The timer controlled pneumatic valves operates automatically discharging the dirt from the dirt vessel. The dirt vessel is provided with connections for flushing water for fiber saving. The water flow rate is adjusted by the valves so that the fiber loss is insignificant. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Through put range: 400 to 3000 LPM Working consistency: 2.5 to 3.5% Parason hi-density cleaner can also be installed before screening, de-inking & refining. BENEFITS: *Efficient cleaning of impurities like sand, glass, clips, pins etc. *Easy visual inspection of vortex through illuminated sight glass. *Simple installation *Protection of further screening and refining equipment from wear and abrasion


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