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Hot Disintegrator (Latency Refiner)


INTRODUCTION: With hot disintegration, pulp shows complete development of strength properties without further treatment. Disintegration time is typically reduced from 15 minutes to 2 minutes. Disintegrating pulp at elevated temperatures reduces latency by removing the stress that is found in fibers that have been disintegrated at lower temperatures. If disintegration is done in cold water, subsequent testing will not show the full strength development of the pulp. Disintegrating the pulp at elevated temperatures and low consistency relaxes the fibers, thus removing the latency. APPLICATIONS: Pulp SPECIFICATIONS: * Meets TAPPI 262 and CPPA C8P * Centrifugal Pump Motor: 240 liters per minute at 3450 rpm * Water temperature: 90-95° C; distilled or demineralized water FEATURES: * 316 Stainless frame * Simple controls


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