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INTRODUCTION: The Laboratory Calender uses a stack of three 300 mm wide parallel rolls to produce calendered samples for evaluation in the laboratory. SPECIFICATIONS: Top Roll: Polished chrome plate steel 130 mm diameter, 300 mm wide Heated, ambient to 100°C, thermostatically controlled Middle Roll: Cellulose and wool fiber 180 mm diameter, 300 mm wide Bottom Roll: Polished chrome steel 130 mm diameter, 300 mm wide Electrically driven at 11.25 or 22.5 m/min Nip Pressure: Adjustable 0-100kgs per linear cm Hydraulic cylinders Advance speed: 100 mm/sec. Feed speed: 100 mm/sec. Step distance: 0-99 cm (± 0.5cm) FEATURES: * Three roll stack * Adjustable nip pressure * 300 mm wide sample * 2-speed driven bottom roller * Heated top roller


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